How do I install Knoctify Button on the door/wall?

The user can either use double sided tape (for temporary mounting) or screws (for permanent mounting).  For screw mounting, the user will have to open up the casing, remove the circuit board and follow the drill guide holes on the casing to drill holes for mounting on the door or wall. The user can refer […]

How do I know when to change batteries?

Unfortunately, for the button, there is no low battery indication. The user will have to change the battery when the button stops triggering the light when pressed. For the light, as the battery power gets weaker, the LED flashing will be less bright and this will be an indication that the battery needs to be […]

Is Knoctify waterproof?

Knoctify Button and Light is splash proof and should not be fully submerged in water. The Knoctify Button is designed for outdoor use and is waterpoof against heavy rain. Knoctify Light on the other hand is splashproof and can be used in the kitchen or bathroom.

What is the battery life of Knoctify?

The battery life for Knoctify as affected by various factors such as how often it is triggered and which mode is it in, and the type of battery used. With knock detection feature enable, the Knoctify Button has an approximate battery life of up to 6 months (average 2 triggers a day). If knock detection […]